Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Alien Abduction Table Lamp

Just wanted to share my latest creation for my son's room. The Alien Abduction Lamp

The Inspiration for this was found at Dollar Store
DSC Alien Lamp

 I have never been one to copy things exactly so I had to add the bubble on top---->
(an applesauce cup) for another alien who controls the tractor beam. There is a piece of plexiglass under the alien that I frosted with my sander to let the light through but hide the works of the lamp.

 A plexiglass ring I cut myself, I got it at Home Depot. The aliens glow in the dark once the light is shut off, thanks to an under 6 dollar light kit also from Home Depot. I used tools I hadn't used in awhile and a router attachment for my Dremel-like tool that I had never used.

As usual I have a twisted sense of humor now we know why they keep coming for the cows. ; )

 I know I spent a little more than the original (about 20 dollars), but not as much as some I have seen on the web, I am thrilled with how it came out, and most importantly so is my son. By the way my husband thought it was so cool he had me make him one too.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My take on a pillowcase dress

The ties are handmade bias tape Extra wide Double fold. It feels very soft not itchy for my sensitive girl.

I am so thankful for my willing model, she makes everything I make look so much better.

This is the second dress I have made. You may say dress? Yes for little girls, say 2T-3T it can be worn as a dress as they grow you can add leggings or capris. Then as they grow more and become a young lady she can wear it as a top. I also crocheted the hat she is wearing. Way too many crafts and mediums sometimes it takes me awhile to get something done, I have to be careful not to get interested in something else while working on one project.

As you can see she wore a long sleeve shirt underneath as the weather was chilly that day.

Let me know what you think.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Organized Storage at last

  Ok, so I saw a project from a teacher on Pinterest. I thought to my self I am a teacher, a homeschool teacher to my 2 children grade 3 and Kindergarten. Anyway the pinner needed organized storage for all the little things you need in a classroom, I need this as well. To me even more important as our classroom is visible at all times of the day and night being in our living room. So, when I came across this pin I thought it  may be the answer to my prayers for a neater and more productive schoolroom. My only problem is that when I traced the post it took forever to find the original post, and then when I finally found it, there were no directions on how to get the desired result. Here is the original pin I found Organizing at School. But, as I said no directions when you clicked to the source, it was very hard to find the original post Finally found here, I traced the original post she got the idea from Here and yet still no details on the how. So I decided to give it a try, after all I am somewhat resourceful when I need to be. I started with this,

  found at Home Depot mind you for the same price ($19.99) as the smaller one pictured in the original post. I found the original, online at Lowe's, unfortunately the closest store is a 20 mile drive so my husband was kind enough to stop at our local Home Depot to look for me. Mind you Home Depot did not have the smaller size so my wonderful hubby thought bigger must be better, I have to agree in this case. However,  I do believe that the original smaller drawers were probably a little deeper as my pens and pencils will not fit in the drawers, they are just a little too long. But, I do not have a problem with this as I have a metal cup used for pens and pencils on my desk for these items.

I began by choosing the paper I wanted. I used some scrapbook paper that I liked, cut down to fit in my printer 8.5 x 11 inches. I was able to find a template in my free Avery Design Center software for Avery labels, that fit closely enough the dimensions of the larger drawers. And so I typed in each item I wanted to store in the drawers. I was in hurry so did not get a photo of the sheet printed before I cut them apart.

After I was done cutting the labels apart I decided to put some stickers on to decorate a little, I got these at the Dollar Tree as well. Below is a close-up of how that turned out.

This is an adhesive dot roll that I got at the Dollar Tree as well. I used these to adhere the labels to the drawers, for the large drawers I used 4, 1 in each corner. For the small drawers I just used 1 on either side of the label. With this adhesive they are securely adhered but I can move them if not applied straight or if I would like to change the label.

Just to show the size of the dots.

I was however unable to find a template that would print to fit the top smaller drawers so I used the markers shown below the write on the tags. I of course had an idea about how to print on them using another program on my computer but that didn't come to me until I was done so unless it bothers me too much it will remain as it is for at least a little while.
 And here is the final product!
I am quite pleased with it and all the space I was able to free up by putting things away in all those drawers I even have 6 left empty for future use.

I hope this helps if you happen to be of a mind to make one of these for yourself. Please forgive me if I left anything out as this is my first tutorial. If you have any questions I will try to answer them.